During the scorching summer and boring work, KOKUYO FURNITURE prepared an elaborate summer feast - good wine and delicious dishes, perfumed clothes and gorgeous hair will let you bid farewell to heat and tiredness temporarily and enjoy summer time. This is also the first party held in the newly packed Shanghai flagship showroom of KOKUYO FURNITURE. We invited designers and other practitioners in the industry to join the festivity. In case you did not participate, let’s feel the spectacle through a few pictures ~!

At the party, we realized a clever fusion of Japanese style and Western style. There were live performances of jazz bands, beauties wearing Japanese yukatas, and sushi produced in-situ by sushi chefs for guests – it can be seen from the satisfied smiles that it tasted very good ~

Guests were able to visit our new showroom, enjoy food, or communicate with their peers or make new friends. Besides food and wine, in order to make this trip to the party more rewarding, we also invited Mr. KanaMori, the deputy editor of WORKSIGHT to introduce the latest trend of office space. After the speech from Mr. KanaMori, guests conducted an in-depth exchange with him. I believe they must have learned a lot.

As a host in the happy moment, how can KOKUYO FURNITURE miss out on the benefits to guests ^ 0 ^

Prizes were very rich this time. The most noteworthy one, of course, was the first prize - an Avein office chair worth 15,000 Yuan, which was personally drawn out by Mr.Okui, chairman of KOKUYO Furniture (China) Co., Ltd. and awarded on the spot. Congratulations to the lucky dog ~

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