【LOVE in KOKUYO】2016 SPO FESTA ended


In the early morning of October 29, 2016, over 200 athletes, cheerleaders and spectators from Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen branches of KOKUYO gathered at the Yuan Shen Sports Center in Pudong to prepare to participate in various competitions including marathon, basketball, soccer, badminton and tug of war.

And, the team members of marathon relay!

Aha, how “cute” they are when running, right~

The cheerleaders of KOKUYO cried, “Cheer up, cheer up, cheer up KOKUYO!”
At the moment, KOKUYO is our common name.
Everywhere in the playground is the shining yellow whirlwind of KOKUYO and filled with the warm atmosphere of solidarity,

making the blood boil.
Finally, KOKUYO Chinese team won:
Third place in Marathon relay
The final eight in football game
Here, we are very grateful to the athletes for their effort. You have worked hard!

This is the first time that the employees of KOKUYO China get across the boundaries of departments and company,

And work together to win the victory.

"Ichigan" The unity of KOKUYO is the biggest victory we have harvested.

As a member of KOKUYO, I am proud of you all.

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