The experience that we have never had before - [Volunteers’ Reflection] KOKUYO Small Notebook and Big Ideal Social Contribution Activity 2016


The three-day KOKUYO Small Notebook and Big Ideal Social Contribution Activity during November 27 – 29, 2016 came to an end.
Hundreds of employees of KOKUYO voluntarily donated more than 200 winter clothes
One thousand KOKUYO notebooks, basketballs, footballs and other sports goods which were handed over by volunteers from Shanghai and Beijing
To over 200 cute kids at Pingxingguan boarding school of Lingqiu, Shanxi province.
Volunteers were touched. At the same time, they used DOTLINER, Harinacs, AIRO SAXA and other stationary of KOKUYO to play games with kids and depict dreams together
and had a fun day with these kids.

KOKUYO Furniture Beijing Northern China Business Department Zhang Heng
We were making the final arrangements for Kokuyo's notebooks and stationery coming from far away as well as the winter clothes donated by colleagues in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen.
Then all of a sudden, there was noisy and controlled laughter flooding into the canteen.What have followed with the laughter were little faces with difference ages and expressions. They are filled with excitement and curiosity,The children are very lively and also very clever. They listen to the rules with open eyes. As soon as announcement is made, they will immediately and happily get involved in the game to depict dreams. They used Kokuyo’s scissors and recorder pens to cut and depict their desired future images on a large sheet of paper. Then they used a variety of small stickers to make decoration seriously. – the children who had gotten acquainted with us before long generously shared the assigned decorations with us, pasted beautiful flowers, stars, little bears and rabbits on our foreheads and cheeks.They are so cute and energetic. At one moment, I even wondered if I had gone to the wrong destination, because how could such happy flowers blossom in poor shadows?I am very grateful to the company for supporting the volunteer event every year. I hope that there still will be such an opportunity for me next year to bring the love of KOKUYO people to more children in need.

KOKUYO Furniture Shanghai Chinese Business Department Ju Xiaoming
I was most touched by the game to paint pictures of dreams. The children were very shy at the beginning.But after they got involved, I, as a participant of the activity, was motivated. Children in mountain areas are the same as children in cities. They have the same ideals and anticipation for the future. When they were painting their little dreams and reading them aloud carefully, we could understand their anticipation for the future. We will help them record the moment in photos and hope they are happy every day in the future.

KOKUYO Commerce Shanghai Easybuy Marketing Coordination Department Hou Yuanyuan
I have always wanted to participate in public welfare events. I am very grateful to the Company for giving me the opportunity to get close to children who really need help.
The children in mountain areas are innocent. Just as Teacher Liu had said, although they are poor, they are happy at their little hearts. The children are polite and orderly. They have attended boarding school since their first year of primary school, which makes them very independent. Even though parents are not around for a long periods, they never miss the love of their teachers.
Children are most readily satisfied. They will get acquainted with you in just half a day. A new notebook, a nice sticker, and a warm coat can let them smile. Every time I see their smiles, when they say “Thank you” to me, and when they ask “will you come again?”, I feel that I am doing something very meaningful.

KOKUYO Enterprise Management Guangbao General Affairs Department Liu Chuntao
Compared to the bustling metropolis, the village where the children live is barren. There, many children are left behind.They are not only troubled by the lack of material, but also troubled by boredom and helplessness in the spiritual level.It is because they live in such an environment that they are more in need of happiness,What we can do is use our stationery and carefully prepared activities, as well as one day’s accompanying to bring happiness for them.We, as volunteers, have a little sense of accomplishment when we see they are happy. At the same time, we are grateful to the company for giving us such a good opportunity,So, we can fulfill our social responsibility together with the company through actual deeds. This is also the style of a century-old enterprise.

KOKUYO Enterprise Management Human Resources and Legal Department Huang Qiang
In the three-day event, two days were spent on road and only one day was spent being together with the children. Before I saw them, I had imagined their looks of all kinds of possibilities. In reality, they were like this:They were polite, naughty, and would paste color stickers on our faces when we are not looking! They were kind and would give their favorite clothes to classmates!
Perhaps we could not provide them with a lot of help, but we hope that the day we played games and chatted with them can become good memories in their lives, and hope they can remember that on a day of blue sky and warm sunshine, a group of big friends coming from far away played games with them, sent elaborate notebooks and warm clothes for them and spent a pleasant day with them! Of course, as volunteers, we are also very lucky to have spent such a joyful day with them and left sweet memories."Enrich the world through our products & services."
I used to learn about the words in slogans; however, the activity of “Small Notebook and Big Ideal” made me understand its real meaning in actual practice!We help ourselves at the time of helping others! We are happy at the time of making others happy! We benefit ourselves at the time of benefiting others. I can understand to some extent the reason why KOKUYO can continue up to the present day after more than one hundred years of development.

KOKUYO Enterprise Management Guangbao General Affairs Department Huang Haiyan
When I met the children for the first time, I could tell from their eyes the curiosity, surprise and a trace of fear.When the children were carefully holding KOKUYO notebook in their hands,How extravagant we were as we didn’t need to be bothered by lack of notebooks.When children were conscientiously painting their ideals at desks covered with KOKUYO scissors, pens, papers, DOTLINER and animation stickers,I, as a member of KOKUYO, was moved by smiles hanging in the corner of lips of the children.When I saw the children happily put on more than 200 cotton clothes we have brought,How nice would it be if we could bring more clothes.From first grade, they have been separated from the care of their parents to face life alone,The tenacity of "Children in mountain areas" cultivated in the footprint of growth must be inconceivable for us.Do everything possible to help more children on behalf of KOKUYO, and cherish everything.

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