Softring notebook Easy-Tear Version is coming -- 2017 New Pre-Sale Recommended


Since its inception, softring notebook has received praise from various parties with plenty of feedback from students, from which we have known your different writing demands. Softring notebook has been given a full upgrade this year, with a striking launch of three easy-tear series, namely dotted-lined, quadrille and blank \ (^o^) / ~

Advantages of softring notebook

Uneven edge left after page tearing from a spiral notebook is one thing unbearable to those with obsessive-compulsive disorder, so we introduce these easy-tear series this year to lead them a happy life~

Allow tearing in a straight line, so that people with obsessive-compulsive disorder cannot refuse it!

Dotted-lined series

Six beautiful colors are available.

Dotted lines inside pages allows you to write more neatly and perfectly.

Quadrille series

There is also softring series of 5mm notebooks convenient for writing and drawing, allowing you to write and draw on pages at your will with infinite possibilities.

Blank series

Of course, we also take the needs of students who like blank pages into account.

Which series is your favorite~?

If you like, please come and bring me home! To buy, please click: softring notebook

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