KOKUYO Concept Store in Sendagaya, Tokyo Opens on May 26


Outward appearance image view of KOKUYO concept store

KOKUYO concept store in Sendagaya, Tokyo will open on May 26. The store is a 3-story building, where the first floor is "Life & Cafe House" - "THINK OF THINGS", the second floor is designed wirh a multi-functional space hall, and the third floor is the office area, a place where you can communicate with customers directly in different ways.

Sendagaya is located near Harajuku and Omotesando, but it remains an atmosphere of peace. Here are plenty of trendy shops and many designers' personal studios. It can be said that it has gathered a lot of people who are pursuing new values. In such a trendy place, KOKUYO will carry on all kinds of attempts in way of goods, services, and activities, and keep close communications with customers. Here, KOKUYO workers can better face the future and grasp the inspiration to maximize the value of KOKUYO.

Crossing the line between work and life

As the society becoming highly computerized and networked during development, the price competition between stationery and furniture, respectively as consumables and durable consumer goods, is constantly expanding. With the increasing diversity of people's values, people increasingly tend to firmly pursue their favorites.

Under the background of the times when the boundary between work (study) and life gets blurred, KOKUYO put forward its new goal of building itself into a “Life&Work Style Company” the year before last year.

Today the work style has become more flexible and easier to carry out so as to fit the lifestyle of individuals. Therefore, many companies have abolished the old rules that require workers to wear uniforms and use the uniformly distributed articles. This is an age that does not strictly distinguish work from leisure; instead, it regards work and study as the elements of life. If there is no longer a concept of clear distinction between work and life in our minds, we can find more new things when looking at all the areas of life from the same perspective, so that we can better know about ourselves, and this will be eventually connected with excavating the potentials of each of us.

Starting from the production of western style books, KOKUYO has continuously created letterheads, folders, filing cabinets, campus notebooks and other star articles that meet the need of the times. Today, however, there is no longer a generalized standard. We named the concept store "THINK OF THINGS” also with an intention to emphasize the meaning of thinking, hoping that every guest could calmly think of their own standards, such as their own preferences and what their most comfortable state is. Such close communications with guests will also help KOKUYO to grasp the next standard of the times.

Think about opportunities for potential values of KOKUYO

Themed by "crossing the line between work and life", the store is a full display of products that can bring inspiration to work and life. In addition to stationery and furniture, there are daily necessities, fashion goods and other new categories of goods.

KOKUYO workers hope to re-tap more potential values of KOKUYO goods and expect customers to review KOKUYO articles with a new perspective. What new value would we find if we put the articles, which we looked at only from the perspective of [work] in the past, in the scene where “work” and “life” are integrated together for re-examination? We are expecting many things from it.


Address: 62-1, Chome 3, Sendagaya, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo (3-minute walk from Takeshita exit of JR Harajuku stop)

Business Hours: 10:00~20:00 (Day off: the third Wednesday every month)

Website: www.think-of-things.com

Store area: the first floor is about 182 square meters (including the Cafe House); the second floor is about 92 square meters (multi-function space hall)

Life & Cafe House (F1)

Multi-Functional Space Hall (F2) and Office (F3)

■ LOGO Design (Art Design)

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