To accompany each and every user in work and learning and provides quality service for users through production and sales of a wide variety of high quality, creative stationery products such as Campus notebook, Account ledger, Harinacs, Dot liner, etc.

Furniture ● Space Design

The fundamental of KOKUYO’s products is not all about being good-looking but the most important factor is it must be safe to use. Based on this philosophy, we adopted the ethos of “People + Design”.We combined these two important elements when comes to designing our products that solely based on the human factor. Based on this ethos, we shall continue to develop for the future, to enrich the world through our products.

Online Sales Platform Easybuy

The direct sales business of office supplies, in line with the group’s concept for “benefiting the society through goods and services”, is as an intimate assistant for customersin the office life. It provides convenient, efficient and personalized services and enables customers to focus on their own business without any worries. In addition, it pays attention to the voice of customers and timely shares with partners.

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  • Own logistics--S&T logistics Sincereservice
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