• Product name::

    Campus Soft Cord Dot Line Notebook

    Award name:

    •Soft and flexible synthetic resin coil, feels good, more comfortable in use, won’t hurt hand in writing.

    •360 ° page folding for more convenientwriting.

    •In-line pages for more neat and perfectwriting.

  • Product name:

    C3 Utility Knife

    Award name:

    •Use a blade with the design of fluorine plating and non-stick tape to maintain sharp and difficult to rust.

    •Add with a function of safe and fixed blade for comfortableuse.

  • Product name:

    Multi-Square Corner Rubber 2005

    Award name:

    •The fashion pioneer of rubbers and innovative rubber with functionality and designability.

    •The KOKUYO Design Award outstanding prize winning work2002.

    •Sophisticated angularitydesign, 28 angularities, the subtleties can be easily erased.

  • Product name:

    Campus Double LiftNotebook 2005

    Award name:

    • Special thin-film plastic processed firm backing and wireless binding notebooks, no page off by spreading out ina 180 °.

    • The cover is through special processing and feels smooth and comfortable.

    •Inside page is dividedinto two parts for writing and uses opposite direction of cutting process. Whether held in the hand or placed somewhere, it is easy for turning pages.

    •Lines useeye-protection green printing.

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